Ongoing projects

2017-2020 Missing “Plan F” – A battle between knowledge, economy and equality in the changing welfare state

Why did gender equality vanish from the policy agenda in the moment when the austerity policy is about to cause a backlash in gender equality in Finland, one of the most gender-equal countries in the world? The research begins with a hypothesis: in Finland, at present, there is an intensification of changes taking place that the welfare state has been going through since the 1980s. The current reform of the state is taking place along the lines of strategic governance.

This research aims to find out what the terms and conditions for gender equality and equality policy in the “strategic state” are. The key processes that are analyzed are economization, marketization and de-democratization.

The research project is carried out in HCAS – Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies 1.9.2017-31.8.2020.

2016-2019 Social Science for the C21st

The project is designed and led by Academy of Finland Distinguished Professor Lisa Adkins. The research programme runs from 2015-19 and considers shifts in the economy-society relation in post-Fordist capitalism. It is concerned in particular with the complex process of economization, that is, with the process of the folding of the economy into society.

It takes as its focus employment activation, that is, measures that are designed to encourage the underemployed, the unemployed, the wageless and the jobless to become more active in their efforts to find work and/or improve their employability. It locates such activation measures as devices of economization.

Previous projects

2017-2018 Tasa-arvoa talousarvioon [Gender Equality in the Government Budget], funded by Government’s Analysis, Assessment and Research Activities (VN TEAS). PIs: Anna Elomäki & Hanna Ylöstalo.

2016-2018 Tasa-arvovaje – Tasa-arvotietoa talouteen [Gender equality knowledge to the discussions about the economy], funded by Kone Foundation.

2016 Ajolähtö – nuoret aikuiset uuden työn markkinoilla [Young adults in transforming labour market], funded by Kone Foundation. Ajolähtö has a blog in Suomen Kuvalehti.

2010–2014 Challenges of Intersectionality for Equality in Organizations, funded by Academy of Finland

2012 Sukupuolinäkökulman valtavirtaistaminen ja tasa-arvosuunnittelu puolustushallinnossa [Gender mainstreaming in defence administration and gender equality planning in Defence Forces and Ministry of Defence], funded by Ministry of Defence

2007–2010 Power in Gendered Organizations: Organizations and Gender Equality, funded by Academy of Finland

2005–2006 Tasa-arvo työpaikkojen valtavirraksi [Gender mainstreaming in work organizations], funded by Ministry of Employment and Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

2005–2006 Oppimisverkosto työpaikkojen tasa-arvotyön metodina [Learning network as a method of equality work], funded by Finnish Work Environment Fund

2003–2005 Tasa-arvosta lisäarvoa [Equality promoting surplus value], funded by European Social Fund

2003–2005 Sukupuolten tasa-arvo ja työpaikkakulttuurit [Gender equality and workplace cultures], funded by The Finnish Work Environment Fund